Dear Richie,

I would like to thank you on behalf of Mike Martin and myself for the high
performance of your Rico Racing Fast Electric Rigger. This past weekend
at the IMPBA Fast Electric SAWS event held in Valdosta Georgia , we were
able to set world records in both S & T Hydro. In the S-Hydro we ran 91.277
mph, with a fast pass of 91.986 mph, this was 5 mph better than the
previous record. In the T-Hydro we ran 104.263 mph with a fast pass of
104.944 mph. This was 33 mph better than the previous record.

This record break through certainly would not have been possible if not for
the use of your finely crafted hull.

The boat was extremely easy to drive and was amazingly stable even at
105 mph. With some further testing we hope to push the Rico Racing
Rigger to even higher speeds next spring back at Valdosta .

Thanks again for your excellent equipment, Ken Haines

Wave Blasters of Florida
Mike Martin and Ken Haines